Happy Weekend!


Friday again! What are your plans this weekend? Do you see the weekend as a chance to get out and experience new things or do you prefer to stay at home, flop on the sofa and relax? Go out for dinner, entertain at home, catch up on chores or go to the gym (maybe even all of them and more)? Or are weekends just another working day(s) for you?

I can hardly remember weekends pre-children but they definitely used to involve going out on both Friday and Saturday night. These days I probably need a week to recover if I go out two nights in a row! If I cast my mind back ten years ago, my hazy memory also seems to recall long brunches with a cheeky Bloody Mary or two (where we actually got to read the papers instead of just snatching a quick glance at the headlines while trying to stop the kids from wrecking the place), perhaps a spot of shopping on the King’s Road or a matinee showing of a film that didn’t carry a U rating.

As it’s half term, this weekend is gloriously free of kids’ activities which means no hunting around for football boots and swimming goggles (how come they’re never in the same place from one weekend to the next?) first thing tomorrow morning. Our autumn birthday marathon is nearing the finish line, culminating in my eldest son’s tenth birthday on Monday (double figures! Or as he keeps saying to me ‘mum I’m almost a teenager now!’ 😱) so on Sunday it’s time for his party which seems to have escalated to include 19 kids…Luckily we have roped in some friends to help but I’m thinking of bringing my ear plugs…

As Cameron’s party is so close to bonfire night it is customary for us to go to a fireworks display in the evening after his party, complete with fairground rides and toffee apples for the kids and mulled wine for the adults.

Anyway, enough about me. Please share your plans or your ideal weekend – I’d love to know πŸ™‚ And whatever you’re doing, have a good one! X

22 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

    • It always goes so quickly. My kids have an extra day off school tomorrow and my husband has taken a day’s holiday as its our son’s birthday. But then its back to normal on Tuesday. Hope you enjoy your weekend. X

  1. I would have to rest a whole week after only one night out πŸ˜›
    I haven’t been out in ages.Last time was about 3 years ago when I went to visit my friend in San Diego and we went to a piano bar.It was actually fun,2 guys played 2pianos and you could ask for songs.This weekend we went to a double birthday party a 4 and a 6 years old πŸ˜€ We had lots of fun, but there were no party bags, so you can stop giving party bags even at 4 years old πŸ˜› Xoxo Fanni

    • That sounds fun, I would love to go to California.
      This is definitely the last year I to party bags for my eldest, they are such a waste of money! Unfortunately all the kids here expect them at the end of a party and would probably complain loudly if there weren’t any…x

  2. Oh, we had such plans! But the week just rocked us . . . A party the previous Friday and Saturday night (I am still tired from two nights staying out in the early morning hours), volunteering in the classroom for each of the three boys (over three days), Halloween preparations and parties, and trick-or-treating . . . and then the bloody time change! The rainy weather was calling for movies and binging on treats.

    • Sounds like you’ve been busy. And two nights out in a row, I don’t think I could do it these days!! Sometimes its nice to just chill in front of a movie instead of rushing around. We had lots of things planned last week that didn’t happen for one reason or another but it was still a good half term. Xx

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