Weekend Photo Challenge (even later than usual!)- OOTD and ‘sleeping’ children


{My lovely children having a cuddle in our bed. Not sleeping strictly speaking but close enough I think!}

I haven’t had a chance to sit down at the computer all day, but better late than never! We didn’t get to bed until 3.30 this morning (I can’t even remembered the last time that happened!) so I’ve not exactly been full of energy…

It’s my husband’s actual birthday today so we had a lovely lunch at the in-laws when we collected the children (sooo nice not to have to cook – dinner will be takeaway pizza). Apart from that, the day has been spent clearing up the house after last night’s festivities, opening presents and all the usual things like overseeing homework and music practice. There is still some cleaning to be done but, you know what, I’m going to leave it until tomorrow and curl up on the sofa with my husband, eat my pizza and watch Homeland.

Have a great evening. X


{Me, in last night’s outfit, a black dress bought from Asos last year and jewellery from a local boutique}

20 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge (even later than usual!)- OOTD and ‘sleeping’ children

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  2. I like that you are able to take pictures with all the kids in it! I hardly have pictures with me and my two sisters.
    3:30 is late! I do not remember the last time I was up until midnight! Was there dancing at the party or the last guest left at half past three?
    Any funny presents your husband got?

    xoxo, Eszter

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