Let it Rain!


If this last week is anything to go by, we’re in for a rainy autumn here in England (yet again). About the only thing to lift my spirits on a dull day when it’s pouring outside is putting on my shiny black Hunter wellies. Style and comfort is an unbeatable combination and if you add a pair of welly socks your feet will stay toasty no matter how hard it rains.

Now the iconic British brand has teamed up with New York based cool-kid-on-the-block Rag & Bone in a collaboration that has set the fashion world’s pulses racing. The collection, which hits stores this week, includes two different styles of classic military inspired rain-boots – a tall equestrian fit and a short motorcycle boot. Both styles come in Fall colours such as burgundy, navy, black and army green and the design details are unmistakenly Rag & Bone with gunmetal rivet hardware and zips lending a tough edge to the classic welly.

Commenting on the thinking behind the collaboration, David Neville, the co-managing partner of Rag & Bone, said: “Hunter may be a quintessential British brand but we also always see so many women on the streets of Manhattan wearing their boots. Not only is this testament to the brand’s global appeal, it resonated with us as we are British guys living in New York. We are really excited about this collaboration.”

I never thought I’d say it, but bring on the rain!

Shop the collection here

8 thoughts on “Let it Rain!

      • I think being on this island helps me take my resolution seriously: I am not buying more clothes for myself. There is no deadline… I go with my guts…
        Speaking of… This post I posted a second ago made me occupied for days… am I starting to be a fanatic? How much is the most time you spend on a post?

      • At the moment my time is very limited so if I want to publish posts daily (which is my goal) I can’t spend too long on them. Saying that, I have a number of unfinished posts that hopefully I will have time to complete once my daughter starts preschool. Have a great weekend XX

  1. Is it wrong to buy another pair of hunter’s? I love mine but the Rag and Bone collaboration are pretty gorgeous!

    For the frizzy hair try the Brazilian Blowout with Ashley from Taylor Taylor London if you’re around London. It’s a god send! x

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