This Week’s Favourites


Cameron made me a lovely bracelet at school and I was very touched by his thoughtfulness.


Some summer reading to bring with me when we go on holiday in ten days’ time. I saw The Great Gatsby at the cinema a few weeks ago but have never actually read the book while the other two are easy chick-lit books that you can dip in and out of.


On Wednesday the boys’ schools finished for the summer and they are definitely ready for some time off. It’s been hard for them going to school in the very hot weather but, of course, now that the summer holiday has started the temperatures have dropped.




I was a very brave mummy and went out for lunch with all three children who actually surprised me by behaving remarkably well.


A trip to the cinema to see Monsters University.


This weekend we headed off to Bristol to visit one of my best friends and her family. We stayed up until almost 2am (not great when you have small kids who like to get up by 6.30…), drinking wine and chatting for hours as you do when you’re with friends who you love dearly but don’t see enough of. Large mugs of strong coffee and fry ups all around this morning, and we were ready to spend a few hours at Bristol Zoo.


Exhausted after too little sleep and the long drive home, we ordered an Indian takeaway and flopped on the sofa. Home sweet home!

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