I’m dreaming of a white kitchen…

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Lately, a number of conversations with my husband have started with the words “when we do the kitchen extension..” Well, I say conversations but after about five minutes I can see his eyes glaze over as he tries to work out how long he has feign interest before returning to whatever he was doing. While we are both in agreement that we need to sort out our impractical kitchen and conservatory dining area (freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer – the children have been known to wear sunhats while eating breakfast!) we have decided to put the extension plans on hold for another year until our youngest starts school. For me this means that we have a full 14 months to really plan the perfect kitchen. My husband, on the other hand, does not share my enthusiasm for long term planning and has no doubt filed away the kitchen extension in the section of his mind that says “things to be discussed in a year’s time”.

So while I am waiting for September 2014 to come round I thought I’d share some of the inspirational pictures I have found so far. As it’s early days, the details of what we (read I) want are still sketchy but definitely gleaming white units and a large central island where we can all eat breakfast and the kids can sit and do their homework while I prepare dinner. And, of course, in my new white kitchen the surfaces will always be sparkling and free of clutter while I will be the sort of unfrazzled cook who never burns anything or panics when more than two pots are involved…

See more inspirational images on my Pintrest board  ‘My Dream Kitchen’

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