Save or Splurge?


Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen my latest style crush – a pair of canary yellow stilettos from Whistles. The only reason they’re not mine yet is that I hesitate to spend £125 on a pair of shoes in a colour that is such a departure from my normal choice of palette. It took a lot of willpower to walk away when I spotted them in a store earlier this week though!

Then I came across this pair from Topshop (on the left in the picture above) for a more purse friendly £58. The colour is slightly darker and quality wise I would hazard a guess that the Whistles pair would come out on top. But I also have a feeling that these shoes are more of a one-season wonder than a future wardrobe staple so going for the budget alternative is probably the sensible option.

Whistles 3

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