Currently Coveting: Let there be Light


A light bulb might seem like a strange thing to lust after but Diamond Lights is no ordinary halogen bulb. Scandinavian product designer Eric Therner wanted to create a light bulb that was both functional and looked like a beautiful sculpture. When Diamond Lights  is combined with the textile cord by Frama (with a choice of four different sockets) the result is a stylish lamp with an industrial feel that looks good both on its own or in a cluster of several bulbs.


I would love to have this light bulb hanging above one of our living room sofas to create a cosy reading corner but was struggling to think of a way to attach it to the wall until I came across this picture of a similar lamp draped around a simple shelf bracket.


The Diamond Lights is available from Rocket St George.

I can’t seem to find the Frama cord anywhere in the UK but it is available from Swedish website Lanna Mobler which ships internationally.

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