Start the day with a healthy breakfast – Low carb muesli


In my opinion breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and I hardly ever skip it. At the moment I am trying to cut down on the carbs in the hope of losing a few pounds. This muesli takes no time at all to make and tastes delicious with some Greek yoghurt and a generous handful of berries. (Original recipe from Swedish website Matplatsen)

Here is the recipe:

100 ml pumpkin seeds
100 ml sunflower seeds
100 ml sesame seeds
100 ml linseeds
100 ml walnuts
100 ml unsalted cashew nuts
100 ml desiccated coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 tsps cinnamon
50 ml water
50 ml neutral oil

Mix everything together and spread out on a baking tray. Roast in an oven heated to 200 C for approximately 15 minutes. Stir the mixture regularly and watch it so it doesn’t burn. Store the muesli in an airtight container.