Heading for Stockholm ♥

A few of my Mateus pieces: I love the grey and pale pink colour combination

A few of my Mateus pieces: I love the grey and pale pink colour combination

I hate flying even more than I loathe packing but I love going on holiday so sometimes both are necessary. Today I have been rushing around packing a suitcase for me and Clemmie as we are going to Sweden tomorrow together with my mum. We are staying with my sister and her children who are aged two and four. I’m looking forward to seeing Clemmie playing with her little cousins although I will miss my boys who have to stay home to go to school. But I’m sure they will have a brilliant time with Daddy and they have a some exciting plans for the weekend (including Father’s Day on Sunday which I had completely forgotten about when I booked the trip. Whoops!).


Although the main objective of the trip is to see family and friends, we are also spending two nights at the Hotel Scandic Anglais in Stockholm where I’m hoping a spot of shopping will be on the agenda. Unfortunately the exchange rate is not stacked in our favour so I won’t go mad (and with a two-year-old in tow you have to be fairly speedy as her patience quickly wears off). I collect china by a brand called Mateus (designed in Sweden and made in Portugal) and will definitely add a few pieces to my collection. They used to sell it in the Stockholm Design House concession in Selfridges but stopped about a year ago – I have no idea why as it is all gorgeous. I also plan to buy couple of posters by Vee Speers from photography gallery Fotografiska. At around £15 each they are extremely good value and will look gorgeous framed in our newly decorated bedroom.

Vee Speers Collage

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